Cruinniú – Live in Corofin

Cruinniú performed at the Corofin Traditional Festival in March 2006 .This concert was recorded, and subsequently released as a live album in november 2006.

You can purchase the CD from Custy’s Traditional Music Store or from Claddagh Records.

Here are the track listings for Cruinniú – Live in Corofin

1. The Milkyway. (Reels). The Milkyway / The Crock of Gold / The Green Mountain

2. Do You Love an Apple? (Song)

3. The Lark in the Bog. (Jigs) The Lark in the Bog / The Spotted Dog / Darby the Driver

4. The Boys Of Bluehill.(Hornpips/Barndance/Reel) The Boys of Bluehill / O’Flannagan Meets O’Hanlon / The Moneymusk

5. Na Cheannbhain Bhana (Song / Slip Jig)

6. Si Beag Si Mor. (O’Carolan piece)

7. Polkas. The Little Diamond / Gan Ainm

8. Roger the Miller.(Song)

9. The Pathway to the Well. (Jigs). The Pathway to the Well / The Ships in Full Sail.

10. The Galway Hornpipe . (Hornpipe/Reels). The Galway Hornpipe / Devaney’s Goat / Creig’s Pipes

11. Bantry Girl’s Lament. (Song)

12. The Maids Behind the Bar. (Reels) The Maid behind the Bar / O’Rourkes / The Coalminer / Anderson’s.